Research the store

If you're applying for a role in-store make sure you do your research. Even better, do a SWOT analysis!

Research the marketplace

Who are the brands competitors? What's going on in retail at the moment?

Read the job description

Make sure you know the role and what it entails. And even more importantly, what you can bring to the team - have examples!

Dress to impress

Show your style and make sure you feel comfortable and confident!

Understand the brand

Make sure you know the brand inside and out. Who is their customer? What are the brand priorities?

Be yourself

We want to meet you! So just relax and be yourself, show us why you're amazing and what you can do!

you've got this!

After the interview drop an email to the assesor to thank them for their time.


Remember every opportunity is a chance to showcase what you do! Learn from the feedback and make sure to update your PDP to work on development areas.

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